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Use 3form Suspend to create weightless partitions in large, loft spaces. Divide space with minimal structure, create flowing shaped screens or intriguing translucent shelving. Composed of stainless steel 3mm cable and components, Suspend complements our signature material in both elegance and durability.

Many different hanging partition installations and applications are possible by selecting the appropriate connectors and components. This pages outlines a few different possibilities to provide an idea on which components are most appropriate for your unique installation.


For cable hardware that is not attached at the bottom please see the Shapes category of hardware. The top and bottom attachments can happen at the ceiling, floor, or wall. Some of the different options are shown below.


Cable Fixation
3form’s cable connector collection is designed for ease of use and installation versatility. The jointed connectors increase the range of applications, allowing cables to be fixed to inclined and vertical surfaces. Our cable track system also adds flexibility to installations by allowing users to adjust cable connections anywhere along the track.


Smooth Collection
The Suspend Smooth collection offers a few different types of components that accommodate varying gauges to create an extremely clean, consistent, beautiful look. For instance, in the Curve collection a single panel connector will accommodate several gauges of material, but with thinner gauges you will always see a wide gap in the channel with a very visible set screw.

The Smooth collection allows you to simply have a thinner channel so you won’t see the set screw, creating a much cleaner aesthetic. However, Smooth only allows single and double panel connection, surface brackets, and top grippers.


Curve Collection
The Suspend Curve collection creates many different configuration possibilities that are only possible with cylinder shapes. Curve can swivel allowing undulation in cold- or heat-formed panels. It allows for drill-thru connectors with caps or hinged connectors allowing panels to be placed angularly next to one another.

Side Fastening 1: Smooth Collection

The simplest and most common hanging partition installation is a top-to-bottom suspension of the cable holding a vertical panel between them. This can be accomplished wall-to-wall, as shown, ceiling-to-floor, wall-to-floor, or ceiling-to-wall. On the cable this solution is possible with both the Smooth and Curve components, and is a perfect way to mount panels in space to create vertical partitions or conceal walls.

Top & Bottom Fastening: Smooth Collection

In this solution the cables only run from the ceiling to the top of the panels, and then the panels are held in place on the floor with the Fixed Surface Bracket.

Note: With flat panels the weight should always be suspended from the top, not resting on the floor. Otherwise the panels will bow. If the panel is being mounted from the ceiling, as in this solution, the Top Grippers MUST be used with drill-thru attachments and not simply set screws.

Top & Bottom Fastening: Curve Collection

In this solution the cables only run from the ceiling to the top of the panels, and then the panels are held in place on the wall with the Variable Surface Bracket.

Note: In any solution where a panel is suspended at an angle both the Top Grippers and the Surface Brackets MUST be used with drill-thru attachments and not simply set screws.

Drill-Thru Fastening 1: Curve Collection

In this solution the cables are attached to the ceiling with the Cable Track and run behind the panels instead of to the side through use of the drill-thru connectors. This provides a different aesthetic and more support.

Swivel Fastening 1: Curve Collection

The top-to-bottom installation depicted below takes advantage of the natural flexibility of thin gauge (1/8 in.) Varia Ecoresin and the freely rotating Swivel Connectors for dramatic effect. To create the flexing of the material, approximately 32 in. of varia ecoresin was “squeezed” between 30 in. of cable.

Additionally, after the panel is in place the undulation of the panels can easily be switched by simply “pushing” on the convex portion and “pulling” on the concave portion. The panel will flip between the two. The more subtle the curving, the easier it flips between the two positions.

Shelving Installation: Curve Collection

3form Suspend also provides a great solution for shelving applications. To counter the natural flexibility of Varia Ecoresin, a line bend or radius edge must be introduced along the edge to prevent deflection. Similarly, the width of the shelf span should be limited to 36 in.; the depth should be limited to 12 in.; the material gauge should be 3/8 in. with 1.5 in. of panel hanging below the line bends; the maximum weight placed on each shelf should be 30 lbs.; the maximum number of shelves per 4-cable assembly is 4.