Product Development

Mbaye is a self-taught engineer and wire artisan in the village workshop in Ndem, Senegal. With a language barrier, the 3form design team collaborated with Mbaye communicating with shapes and forms rather than words. Working together they created the visual, angular rhythms of Dance. Once captured in Varia Ecoresin®, this vibrant and striking waveform pattern pairs well with any interior color scheme.

Philanthropic Story

Beyond product sourcing, the 3form Full Circle program supports the ongoing education of the people in this region of Senegal to become increasingly self reliant. 3form funds and oversees several programs to improve living conditions in and around Ndem, Senegal. 3form implemented self-sustaining micro-savings groups. These structured assemblies enable women in the community to support each other when financial needs arise—without any outside funding. Additionally, 3form supports the local community with specially engineered, solar-powered cell phone chargers. Providing power for communication between those working in the surrounding urban areas and their families, these cell phone chargers secure a small fee giving the women who manage them a much-needed source of income.