Column Features
Hardware Options
Hardware Options
  • Go with Top Gripper for suspending 1/2" gauge Varia Ecoresin
  • For 1/2" to 1" Chroma or Varia Ecoresin, Cable Loop is recommended
  • Top Insert is ideal for hanging 1" gauge Varia Ecoresin or Chroma
Twist Options
Twist Options
Envision material of varied widths in 15° to 270° of rotation for 1" gauge, and up to 195º of rotation for 1/2" gauge.
C3 Color
C3 Color
C3 color is an innovative system that gives designers a virtually unlimited palette.
Meeting Room with a Twist
This space utilizes a variety of heat formed twists to divide casual and formal meeting areas. By concealing the twist supports into the floor and ceiling the solution meets the designer’s request for no visible hardware.
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Varia Ecoresin
Monsoon B62
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