Versa Hardware
Versa Hardware
This versatile hardware system can attach to a wall or ceiling and anchor to wood or concrete floor. 3D Spiders affix to shelf material with a low profile cap on the topside and have a range of hole placement for various applications.
Shelf Size
Shelf Size
Shelves can be specified to any measurement. To avoid deflection–panel movement under an applied load–we recommend a center support for any shelf greater than 40" long. For shelves with a width of 12" or more, a secondary post support is required.
Technical Details
Chroma Shelving
This boutique retail shop wanted a unique way of displaying its unique product offerings. The storeowner started with a Ready-to-Go shelving solution but decided to customize the solution’s Versa aluminum extrusions by extending them to the ceiling rather than the standard wall-mounted application. The translucency of Chroma shelves provides a colorful stage for presenting the store’s offerings.
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Violet V07
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Ready to Go solutions are pre-packaged options for creating easy-to-specify partitions, doors, tables and more. Includes material, fabrication, hardware, and CAD drawings. The image above may not necessarily reflect a standard Ready to Go solution, it may have been modified.
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