Light Design
Light Design
3Lit Series LED lighting is used for optimal illumination.

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light design
3form material solutions can be inserted into existing millwork. Design a custom Transaction, then choose from a variety of materials to place within. Pair light for glowing impression.
Technical Details
Light-Seam Fabrication
Seams are joined to prevent light from escaping, while achieving beautiful corner finishes. Light seaming is important for applications like light boxes, showcase boxes, planters, countertop drop-down ledges and aprons, and return-to-wall panels.
Illuminated Onyx Reception Desk
The reception desk is often the first thing office visitors notice therefore it has the opportunity to make a big impression. This Ready-to-Go solution easily adapted to the office’s existing millwork structure to give the look of natural stone but with the beauty of backlit resin materials.
Shown in this image:
onyx vein cut honey
Start with this Ready to Go solution:
Ready to Go solutions are pre-packaged options for creating easy-to-specify partitions, doors, tables and more. Includes material, fabrication, hardware, and CAD drawings. The image above may not necessarily reflect a standard Ready to Go solution, it may have been modified.
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