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Saltwater B12 + Powder

Front FinishBack FinishSizeGaugeUnit PriceSheets AvailableNote 
Vellum_F04Vellum_F044'x4'1/2"$140.191ADD TO CART

Reclaim/Reform Terms of Sale and Warranty

  1. Reclaim/Reform sales are final.
  2. Products are SOLD AS-IS, and no modifications, customization, fabrication, special requests, or changes will be made.
  3. Reclaim/Reform orders are separate from other sample, sheet, hardware, or systems orders.
  4. Currently, no expedited shipping is available.
  5. Reclaim/Reform is only available for sale in the US and Canada.
  6. Inspect the shipment before accepting and if the packaging is damaged, please refuse the shipment and send an email to reclaim@3-form.com including the order number from your order confirmation.
  7. Availability limited to quantities on hand.
  8. Thank you for participating in our Reclaim/Reform program, and helping improve our environment.