Light Design
Our team of illumination experts have years of experience working with translucent resin panels to create striking lighting features. Our systems are designed to meet the unique challenges of lighting 3form materials. Talk to us before you light your installation – we can save you time, trouble, and money.
Varia Ecoresin Lightbox

The aluminum framed LED Lightbox is composed of a single square Varia Ecoresin panel inside a slim and attractive aluminum frame. Simple luminescent beauty.

Chroma Lightbox

The Chroma Lightbox makes use of all five non-wall-facing sides of the Lightbox, creating a structure out of one square Chroma panel and four strips for the sides. This allows glowing light to escape in all directions for a stunning effect.


Depending on the material, different lighting techniques will need to be applied. Indirect backlighting is the preferred technique as it allows for maximum illumination without showing the light source. This technique requires more space and therefore should influence the overall design of your application.

Material Properties