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Designed and engineered to work with our award-winning material, 3form Frame is a light scale architectural partition system.

Enclose space with the streamlined, lightweight, demountable partition system from 3form. From concept to installation the 3form Frame architectural hardware system simplifies quoting, delivery and installation. This modular system is easy to install and accommodates a high degree of floor variance.


3form Frame presents an elegant, easy-to-execute solution for fully framing 3form material, including Varia Ecoresin, Glass, Struttura, and other materials in a simple, demountable partition installation or a fully-enclosed space like a window. This proprietary system has been engineered by 3form for the specific purpose of glazing in our unique materials that have their own inherent differences.

3form Frame emphasizes functionality and easy installation in the hardware while keeping all of the attention focused on the aesthetic beauty of the material it frames.


Powder Coating

[a] Jet Black
[b] Carbide
[c] Satin Anodized | standard for non-powder coated hardware
[d] Signal White

Introduce the versatility of color to most 3form hardware systems. Customizing entire solutions is now easier than ever with nearly-infinite material possibilities and the option for hardware to match. Select colors that are self-effacing and blend into surroundings or make a bold statement with a solution’s supporting hardware.

Powder Coating for 3form hardware systems is available in 3 standard available colors: Jet Black, Carbide, and Signal White in a gloss finish. These standard colors will only add 3 weeks to a standard lead time (check with your 3form Sales Rep or Sales Coordinator for pricing). Non-standard color requests must be derived from the RAL Classic Color Deck and will have a gloss finish. These will carry a longer lead time and higher setup fee. Custom colors or matching are not currently available.

Wall-to-Exposed Frame

In this installation 3 framed panel modules are combined to form a Frame installation that is attached to a wall at one end and exposed at the other end, with both a floor and ceiling attachment. The various assemblies are shown that complete this installation.

Wall-to-Wall with 90-Degree Corner

This installation utilizes a Corner Post to create a room that is sealed off with 10 different panel types in 5 different modules, each with a Panel Divider mullion.

Sliding Door Integration

3form Frame is compatible aesthetically and functionally with Slide04 and Slide05 from 3form. These are both framed door systems that can utilize rectangular-shaped aluminum profiles that look similar to Frame and have the same finish. Slide04 has a thin floor track and bears the weight on the floor, while Slide05 does not have a floor track and places the weight of the door on the ceiling. For more detail on these systems please see the 3form Slide04 and Slide05 Solution Documents.

System Based On Modules

The use of independent, modular frames that mount simply into a top and bottom track and are then covered with a valance vastly simplifies the installation of the entire system. This capability allows you to assemble each Frame around the panel and mount them all onto the tracks. Once they are all in place you are able to level all of the panels and ensure the entire installation is cohesive and perfect for the space, and then secure the frames into the tracks and against the walls.