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Highlight and accentuate the beauty and clarity of 3form Infinite Glass without visible hardware by utilizing LevelGlass hardware

LevelGlass uses structural adhesive to securely attach hardware to 3form Infinite Glass. Hidden hardware allows focus to remain on the beauty of the material and allows for applications like the markerboard shown.

Glass Detail

Gauge Limitations:
3⁄8” – 5⁄8” pressed or monolithic* glass
*monolithic must be tempered (3⁄8” – 1⁄2” gauges)


Size Limitations:
16 sq. ft. maximum


3⁄8” minimum vertical and horizontal gap (reveal)


It is recommended that any mounting surface for LevelGlass have studs or some type of wood blocking to adequately support the weight of the glass. All weight is shared between two (2) attachment points. Ensure this blocking/substrate can support the specified weight.

16 sq. ft. 3⁄8” glass = 82 lbs
16 sq. ft. 1⁄2” glass = 109 lbs
16 sq. ft. 5⁄8” glass = 136 lbs


Edge Finishing:
Any finish available as outlined in the infi nite glass specification sheet.


Glass Surface Finish Compatibility:
Standard, satin, satin lite, mirror


A wall mounted system that can be used as a single panel white board or a mosaic of glass color, design, and pattern.

Span Limitations

Short Dimension:
The minimum dimension in the short dimension cannot be less than 12”


Long Dimension:
The maximum long dimension cannot exceed 8’
If the dimension is greater than 6’, the gauge of the glass must be 1/2” or greater

Hardware to Glass Attachment

A structural adhesive will attach LevelGlass hardware to the back of the glass in 4 locations. Each attachment bracket is 4” long and located 1” from each edge.



Using the provided wall template, attach the template to the wall. Level template and secure hardware into wood blocking. Remove wall template, wall brackets will be correctly placed to hang glass. Next, install the panel as shown below. Finally, To prevent movement side to side or accidental lifting of the glass when installed on the wall, a safety bracket should be attached on both bottom assemblies.