Lock & Latch
Lock, Latch and Handle
Specify a lock, latch and handle system to complete your door solution. These options allow for latching two biparting doors together or latching a door into a wall with or without a key.
Door Configurations
Door Configurations
This system cooperates with an unlimited number of doors, allowing you to nest all of them together at any position on the track—an ideal hardware choice for large installations.
Technical Details
Floor Track
Floor Track
The four-mounted track allows for a variety of applications. With the weight born on the floor, the top track can be mounted to either the wall or ceiling.
Technical Details
Material Options
Material Options
With four material selections in gauges 1/4" - 3/8", a designer has the ability to achieve custom door panels with translucency, texture and HighRes applications, while adhering to standard products.
Framed Panel Door with Slide 04
The most versatile member of the Slide family, Slide 04 creates new translucent sliding door possibilities. With the weight born on the floor, the top guide can be positioned on the wall or the ceiling. This flexibility allows for multiple configurations including biparting, bypassing, and dividing doors. These attractive doors with their refined lines are a perfect complement to the materials they frame.
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Varia Ecoresin
coconut husk natural
Slide 04
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