Lock & Latch
Lock, Latch and Handle
Specify a lock, latch and handle system to complete your door solution. These options allow for latching two biparting doors together or latching a door into a wall with or without a key.
Material Options
Material Options
With four material selections in gauges 1/4" - 3/8", a designer has the ability to achieve custom door panels with translucency, texture and HighRes applications, while adhering to standard products.
Wall Integration
Door & Wall Integration
For a seamless and compatible door to wall integration, combine the Slide 05 system with Frame hardware.
Technical Details
Floor Rollers
Floor Rollers
For minimal hardware visibility, rollers guide doors along a ground surface and remove any need for a floor track.
Technical Details
Framed Panel Door with Slide 05
Create translucent sliding doors with the Slide 05 system from 3form. It is a clean, versatile sliding door system with excellent functionality that can have the weight born on either the ceiling or the wall through the use of the wall-mount converter. The sleek frame profiles and matte silver-white finish make the hardware of this door a perfect complement to the aesthetic material it holds, creating a beautiful, functional solution for your installation.
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Slide 05