Minimal Hardware
Minimal Hardware
Top Support has a clean channel system that can also be recessed into the ceiling and floor for a completely hidden appearance. For installations where the ends of the channels will be exposed, end caps should be used.
Panel Alignment
Panel Alignment
A polycarbonate “H” channel provides a panel-to-panel vertical alignment guide for a clean alternative to visually intrusive hardware. For an industrial aesthetic, consider Align hardware.
Technical Details
Material Options
Material Options
There are varying levels of rigidity across 3form materials. Designers looking for a minimal yet rigid installation might consider Pressed Glass with Top Support. Please review the Top Support Solution Document in Tech Specs & Downloads for complete information on material gauge compatibility.
Floor-to-Ceiling Partition with Top Support
3form Top Support hardware is designed for minimal hardware appearance to accentuate the beauty of 3form materials. Panels are easily removed for applications where changing panels or access to backlighting is required. If building conditions allow this minimal channel can be recessed into the ceiling, floor, or raised platform.
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Top Support
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