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Absorb the appearance of hardware with minimal visible support for partitions and wall features.

The TOP SUPPORT system is designed to be used with a variety of 3form products and to feature their beauty with minimal visible hardware. Varia©, Chroma©, Koda© and Struttura© are supported and hung from the top. Pressed and Monolithic Glass work with the TOP SUPPORT system by resting on blocks in the bottom channel on the floor.
The top and bottom channels can be recessed where conditions allow, but it requires an additional 1/2” reveal on one side to allow access to the fasteners and to snap on the cover.


The most common application for TOP SUPPORT is a ceiling to floor installation. The Base Profiles are screwed directly into structural components in the ceiling as well as the floor. This can also be mounted directly to the wall; the Base profiles are screwed directly into structural components in the wall. The Profiles can also be recessed into the ceiling and floor such that only the panels are visible. For installations where the ends of the Profiles will be exposed, end caps should be used.

200.52 is a minimalist hardware system made to work with " Varia. It is a floor and ceiling attached system meant to give a minimal hardware reveal. Light scale vertical extrusions provide increased rigidity to the resin panels. Using the insert block, 200.52 hangs Varia from the ceiling.


The TOP SUPPORT system is designed with minimal hardware to simplify installation and minimize cost and can be installed in the situations shown below.

For exposed edge configurations, end caps close off the ends of the channels for a clean look. Each consecutive panel is connected using a clear H-channel or Align hardware if necessary (Align is not compatible with Pressed Glass).

Powder Coating

[a] Jet Black
[b] Carbide
[c] Satin Anodized | standard for non-powder coated hardware
[d] Signal White

Introduce the versatility of color to most 3form hardware systems. Customizing entire solutions is now easier than ever with nearly-infinite material possibilities and the option for hardware to match. Select colors that are self-effacing and blend into surroundings or make a bold statement with a solution’s supporting hardware.

Powder Coating for 3form hardware systems is available in 3 standard available colors: Jet Black, Carbide, and Signal White in a gloss finish. These standard colors will only add 3 weeks to a standard lead time (check with your 3form Sales Rep or Sales Coordinator for pricing). Non-standard color requests must be derived from the RAL Classic Color Deck and will have a gloss finish. These will carry a longer lead time and higher setup fee. Custom colors or matching are not currently available.