Post Attachments
Post Attachments
Designers can use a variety of attachments including Hinges, Spiders, Point Support and Side Brackets to achieve their desired aesthetic.
Top Mounting
Top Mounting
Pressure-fit hardware attached to Versa allows for a secure and rigid connection. The adjustable hardware enables varying horizontal ceiling heights.
Post Shapes
Post Shape Options
Versa posts are available in Blade, Square, Oval and Slim profiles to achieve a variety of aesthetic structural options. Posts are available in Max. 10’0”. Longer posts available by request.
Technical Details
Floor Hardware
Floor Hardware Options
Posts can anchor to wood or concrete by being mounted directly to the floor. Floor-attached posts include baseplate covers to conceal anchoring hardware. Freestanding baseplates are also available for partitions up to 4 feet tall.
Technical Details
Floor-to-Ceiling Partition with Versa
3form Versa is the perfect answer to mobile and movable translucent partitions. This 3form architectural hardware system offers refined aluminum extrusions to create free standing or pressure fit translucent walls and partitions. With these two options and a variety of mounting hardware, it easily adapts to your environment.
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Varia Ecoresin
Start with this Ready to Go solution:
Ready to Go solutions are pre-packaged options for creating easy-to-specify partitions, doors, tables and more. Includes material, fabrication, hardware, and CAD drawings. The image above may not necessarily reflect a standard Ready to Go solution, it may have been modified.
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