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Bear Grass
50 Percent Fade

This stout, woody, tactile perennial is a visual feast that can be used lightly, as a fade, or full on for maximum density.
Colors & Variants / 50 Percent Fade


  • Panel Sizes

    Varia: 48" x 96", 48" x 120"

  • Available Materials


  • Disclaimer

    Note: Pattern is randomized according to natural disposition and placement of products. The varia system panels utilizing natural products as a decorative interlayer may change in appearance over time. Natural materials are also subject to inherent inconsistency in color, texture and shape.\n \n Interlayers in the standard Fade pattern fade in density at stop roughly 14" from the end of the panel (84" of coverage for a 48"x96", and 106" of coverage for a 48"x120").

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Naturals capture all the beautiful symmetries, irregularities, spirals, meanders, waves, and forms of the world so you can bring them into your projects.

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