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Light, Airy, Strong

Put highly engineered structures, and dynamic, rigid patterns into your project. Struttura's insanely light, but structurally tough material makes it easy.

StrutturaLight, Airy, Strong

Struttura's structural properties, and dynamic patterns divide space or direct visual attention that pops.

Material Masterpiece
Play with Struttura

Endless options let you play with finishes that control abrasion, colors that meet design specs, effects that play with light, and interlayers that add dynamics.

  • Customization

    Struttura Design Decisions

    1. Finish
    2. Color
    3. Interlayer
    4. Diffusion or Effect

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  • In The Picture


    Finish  |  Patina
    Interlayer  |  Fizz
    Color  |  Capri G53

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