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HooDoo Circular Huddle Space

Get into minimally designed hardware, an acoustic Hush Base, and Varia panels you can customize to create a playful area of retreat.

Create your Signature HooDoo Circular Huddle Space

  • What you get

    One 105" diameter by 91" tall HooDoo with Hush Base acoustic tiles.

  • Material Choices

    Sola Felt

  • Design Choice

    — Varia color and pattern options
    — Hush Base Sola Felt color
    — Stainless or Black Oxide hardware finish

  • Product Features

    — Available in 250 colors and a wide selection of interlayers
    — Custom designed hardware for a minimalist aesthetic
    — Supplied with seven acoustic Hush Base tiles for a strong acoustic performance
    — Simple installation with the help of the provided floor templates that indicates where the floor anchors should be located
    — Six 4' x 8' 3/8" gauge Varia panels and one 4' x 10' 3/8" gauge Varia panel
    — ADA compliant

  • Lead Time

    Three weeks (not including transit time)

People love to get inside HooDoo. And designers love to get into the possibilities of its Varia panels to explore, color, pattern, and more.

Choose Color
Create Comfort

Made using our PET technology and 50% post-consumer recycled material, Sola Felt is available in 15 colors.

Sola Felt



Dynamic Translucency

Our translucent Varia resin outer layers can be left clear, or colored with 250 hues for limitless luminosity. Customize the panel's interlayer with a pattern or color to create your own unique statement.
Discover Varia
  • Height Dimension

    90.5" tall

    Height Dimension
  • Diameter Dimension

    117" maximum diameter

    Diameter Dimension
  • Foot Hardware

    Anchor HooDoo to the floor

    Foot Hardware
  • Stainless Steel Hardware

    Stainless Steel fasteners hold panels together

    Stainless Steel Hardware
In the picture

HooDoo Huddle Space

Material  |  Varia, Sola Felt
Color  |  Tide B40
Hush Bars  |  Cast