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Design Practices
to Protect the Planet


Align is a challenge we’ve given ourselves: Develop materials with intentionality and empower architects, designers, and consumers to make smart choices about how we buy and how we build.

Beautiful Products

Nourish the Planet

We believe it's imperative to align the creation of beautifully designed products with actions and practices that help protect and nourish the planet. At the 3form family of companies (3form, LightArt, and 3form Elements), these actions and practices are collectively called Align – our platform of Earth and people-centric initiatives that will guide our path forward.

Three main pillars – people, product, and planet – provide the framework for Align. These pillars translate into a focus on human well-being alongside design methods and manufacturing processes that conserve and restore the planet.


Innovative and Responsible

Can we create products made from the highest quality of materials that contribute to positive environmental and social impact and connect people back to nature? We believe we not only can, but should–at the 3form companies, we start by measuring and reporting our environmental impact through life cycle analyses, EPDs and other disclosures, and continue to optimize our products in pursuit of Living Product Challenge and other respected third-party verifications.
17 years ago, we launched an industry-defining flagship product that contained recycled content. In 2019 we launched Flek which was made of 75% recycled material and in 2021 we introduced our first 100% recycled product, Flek Pure. These are steps in our pursuit of zero waste manufacturing, which is one of several steps we’re taking towards creating net-positive products. Other steps include reducing our products’ embodied carbon and water usage, as well as an investment in our longstanding take back program, preventing materials from ending up in landfill.
We take ingredient health and transparency seriously, utilizing declare labels, applying greener chemistry in our supply chain and aggressively removing Red List chemicals from our products. We are a recognized pioneer in bringing transparency to the marketplace, beginning with our position as a pilot manufacturer in Google’s Healthy Materials initiative and continuing today with our longstanding Continuing Education (CEU) program.
Additional goals are accomplished by sourcing materials around the globe to incorporate socially responsible and hand-crafted artisan materials. We manufacture our flagship goods both in North American facilities and abroad under the guidance of our sustainability initiatives and with an emphasis on biophilic design.