Advanced Technology Group
Expert collaboration for custom project support opens up new possibilities. We create boundary-breaking solutions with innovative materials. With each project we help you meet performance demands, cost constraints and aesthetic intent.
Concept Development Collaboration
We work with you on material, geometry and system performance analyses to assist with your concept approvals. Our comprehensive design reviews help you define project details to achieve design intent, and our preliminary cost analyses provide early cost definition.
Engineering & Project Management
Together we can pioneer ground- breaking projects by integrating emerging materials technologies with our building science expertise. We'll help you demonstrate proof of concept with prototyping, design validation and performance testing. We can use our extensive industry know-how to reduce project risks and build efficiencies to achieve highly innovative solutions.
Advanced Manufacturing & Delivery
Our cross functional operations and supply chain management bring a wide range of skills and perspectives to provide effective project coordination and delivery. We can help minimize construction waste with computerized fabrication. We'll deliver your projects as pre-assembled, turn-key solutions leading to sustainable, cost-effective construction.
Get Started
Contact our Advanced Technology Group to get the ball rolling on your next groundbreaking project.
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