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Custom PrintingMake it Bespoke

Custom Printing
Make it Bespoke

Use your own artwork, logo, color, or brand elements to completely customize your project.

Custom Capabilities


Graphical Guidance

Use custom printing to make eye-catching wayfinding that helps guide and orient people in your space.

Custom Capabilities


Make Your Mark

With Digital Printing, we can integrate your brand color, logo, patterns, and illustrations into your panel.

Custom Capabilities


Show and Tell

Print custom signage to persuade, promote, direct, attract, and inform. 

Custom Capabilities


A Printable Palette

We can print full floods of a custom color to match your vision or even multiple colors on a single pane to maximize sheet yield and reduce costs.


Translucency & Light

See It Through

Control how much light and opacity you want through our material. Create complete visual privacy or let in the light. 



Let it Glow

Use diffusions and backlighting to make your imagery glow. 

Custom Capabilities


Shaping Custom Prints

Varia can be drilled, cut, seamed, and cold bent on-site for simple curves or heat formed to add a whole new dimension to custom imagery.



Bring it Outdoors

You're not just limited to using digitally printed solutions indoors; take it outside with Pressed Glass and Koda XT to bring your exterior projects to life. 



Worry-Free Imagery

Encapsulated in resin that's easy to disinfect as well as resistant to impact, abrasion, and chemicals, your imagery is guaranteed to last. 
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Customize to your Heart's Content
Let's Specify

Use your own image, color match a custom brand color, adjust scale, opacity, and fade.

  • Upload your own image

    We can do signage, branding, wayfinding, color, or pattern.

    Upload your own image
  • Or match color

    Have a custom brand color? We can match it.

    Or match color
  • Adjust Scale

    Span multiple panels if your image resolution is high enough

    Adjust Scale
  • Adjust Opacity

    Choose how much you can see through the image.

    Adjust Opacity
  • Add a fade

    Add gradation to an image with one of three fade options.

    Add a fade