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FinishesThe Final Touch

The Final Touch

Our curated collection of standard and premium finishes are designed to enhance the appearance and performance of 3form materials.

Finishes take designs to the next level. Architects and Designers love the ability to add that extra polish to their vision.

Four Steps to Specifying

Conclude Your Look
By Adding a Finish

  • Choose Your Material

    Available in our Resin and Glass collections

    Choose Your Material
  • Make a Statement

    Add Color or an Interlayer

    Make a Statement
  • Use an Effect or Diffusion

    Create something unique

    Use an Effect or Diffusion
  • Finish It

    Enhance your design

    Finish It

Standard FinishesStunning Versatility

Our collection of Finishes control scratch-resistance and translucency. In most cases Finishes can be applied to the front and back surfaces of a material.

  • Sandstone

    Sandstone A subtle diffusion effect with light texture and durability

    Available in Varia / Koda XT
  • Patina

    Patina A non-glare finish with a smooth appearance

    Available in Varia
  • Patent

    Patent A high gloss finish with the highest light transmittance available; with an antique glass effect

    Available in Varia / Koda XT
  • Vellum

    Vellum A durable brushed matte finish that adds a subtle texture

    Available in Varia / Chroma / Koda XT / Chroma XT
  • Supermatte

    Supermatte A frosted matte finish that assists in light diffusion

    Available in Varia
  • Stucco

    Stucco A durable finish with pebbled texture

    Available in Varia / Koda XT
  • Velvet

    Velvet A durable, blurred finish with a crushed velvet pattern that runs parallel to the width of the panel

    Available in Varia
  • Grain

    Grain A translucent wood grain pattern that runs parallel to the length of the panel

    Available in Varia
  • Grid

    Grid Fine, horizontal crosshatched lines create a robust texture

    Available in Varia

Premium FinishesExceptionally Distinctive

These have fewer material compatible options and may also have a longer lead time and price premium. Hey, it takes time to look this good.

  • Renewable Matte

    Renewable Matte This sanded finish hides scratches, is durable, and can easily be renewed in the field

    Available in Chroma / Chroma XT
  • Satin

    Satin An etched finish that provides diffusion and privacy without an overly frosted appearance

    Available in Glass
  • Writeable

    Writeable This functional finish allows you to write on the surface with any standard markerboard marker

    Available in Varia (use with Color Portfolio and HighRes interlayers only)