Versatile Configurations
Versatile Configurations
Fin hardware accommodates many different material options, gauges, and application configurations. Attach to horizontal surfaces for a Privacy Fin Divider on desktops or pony walls, mount vertically to a wall as a banner or decorative element, or mount horizontally on a wall as shelving. Select the appropriate material gauge from 1/2" to 1" for your application.
Technical Details
Edge Lighting
Edge Lighting
Emphasize the beauty of Chroma with integrated edge lighting in the Fin. RGB lighting provides color to clear, renewable matte finish Chroma panels.
Desktop partition with Fin Hardware
3form Fin hardware has a versatile design that allows mounting to vertical or horiztonal surfaces as wall fins, horizontal privacy partitions on desktops or pony walls, shelving, or even floor-to-ceiling partitions. Based on the material selection the Fin hardware seamlessly integrates with high-powered LED lighting to edge-light the material.
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Varia Ecoresin
halftone color
Fin Hardware
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