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Full Circle
Empowerment Program


Full Circle connects 3form to artisans around the world through gorgeous handmade products that support communities and their traditions.

Full Circle is the heart and soul of making amazing products that are not only beautiful but empower artisans around the globe who make the interlayers that go into those products. Full Circle represents a better way to do business.

Talley Goodson, CEO, 3form

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We work with communities to build meaningful one-on-on relationships that inform the initiatives we undertake. From worker’s rights, fair wages, and safe working environments to tuition programs, micro-savings groups, and community gardens, we push design beyond product development to improve the lives of the people we partner with.

Human Connections

Empowered by Design

Traditional Craft

Technological Innovation

We collaborate with exceptional creators all over the world to find new ways of expressing the relationship between handmade craft and natural materials with technology and innovation. The results are beautiful, contemporary products that keep the past alive through the stories they tell in the present.