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The wispy, thin, birch branches of this interlayer can be used to add an element of charming serenity to the spaces you’re designing for.
Colors & Variants / Birch


  • Panel Sizes

    Varia: 48" x 96", 48" x 120"

  • Pattern Direction

    Parallel to long side
    Can be rotated

  • Available Materials


  • Price Group


  • Disclaimer

    Birch will sometimes bleed and cause small amounts of yellowing while being manufactured. In addition, due to the manufacturing press process, birch bulbs may be dispersed within the sheet, some of which will be trapped in clear areas for the Birch Grove.

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Essential Matter

Naturals capture all the beautiful symmetries, irregularities, spirals, meanders, waves, and forms of the world so you can bring them into your projects.

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