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GlassUnlimited Design Options

Unlimited Design Options

The classic characteristics of glass paired with the decorative elements 3form is known for.

Glass comes with an array of design options from vibrant colors to digital prints with the classic characteristics of glass.

Decorative Glass

Complete your project by using 3form Glass. Everything from functional elements like wayfinding and branding to artistic, decorative statements.

  • Customization

    Laminated Glass

    Color | Custom Digital Print

  • In The Picture

    Laminated Glass

    Color | Bliss B49

Laminated glass offers durability and endless design possibilities between its layers.
Explore Laminated Glass







Apply patterns to Glass with our micro-sandblast etching technique to pair vibrancy with transparency.
Discover Etched Glass
Choose from over 1,900 images or create your own custom design.
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Digital Printing

Custom Imagery

Start with Color

250 Colors
One System

The 3form Color Portfolio is a comprehensive collection of translucent colors for design applications. Combine any hue with our Whites, Diffusions, Interlayers, and Effects to create something entirely yours.  
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Start with Graphic Patterns

Graphic Patterns
Styled Space Division

State of the art digital printing capabilities and a diverse portfolio of graphic patterns allow you to create a style that fits any design aesthetic.
Discover Graphic Patterns