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Pressed GlassEverything In-Between

Pressed Glass
Everything In-Between

Laminated glass that offers durability, and endless design possibilities between its layers.

Smash the limits with hundreds of Graphic Patterns, HighRes images, and 250 colors to press between this classic material.

Classic Material, Modern Twist
Design Decisions

Add a color from our 250 color portfolio, a Graphic Pattern, or a HighRes image you or we can create between two sheets of glass.

  • Customization

    Pressed Glass Design Decisions

    1. Color
    2. Graphic Pattern
    3. HighRes Imagery

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  • In The Picture

    Pressed Glass

    Graphic Pattern  |  Belt Color Inverse
    Color  |  Paprika O22

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Start with Color

250 Colors
One System

The 3form Color Portfolio is a comprehensive collection of translucent colors for design applications. Combine any hue with our Whites, Diffusions, Interlayers, and Effects to create something entirely yours.  
Discover Colors
    • Applications / Interior

    • Applications / Interior, Exterior

    • Design Collection


      Applications / Interior

    • Applications / Interior, Exterior

Start with Graphic Patterns

Graphic Patterns
Styled Space Division

State of the art digital printing capabilities and a diverse portfolio of graphic patterns allow you to create a style that fits any design aesthetic.
Discover Graphic Patterns

Products made Simple With SimpleSpec

With SimpleSpec, we have simplified our product offer so you can focus on what matters most, the design.

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