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Chroma Fin Shelf

Made with our light-loving Chroma material, this product comes with attachment hardware and valance to mount it with ease. Comes with proprietary LED illumination and a controller.

Create your Signature Edge-Lit Chroma Fin Shelf

  • What you get

    One 96" (2440 mm) long Chroma shelf with RGB lighting and a 6" (152 mm) minimum and 12" (305 mm) maximum depth

  • Material Choices


  • Design Choice

    — Shelf depth

  • Product Features

    — 1" thick (25 mm) clear Chroma (no color)
    — Clear Chroma with a Renewable Matte is colored with RGB lighting
    — Proprietary LED illumination
    — Easy attachment to the wall with a valance to cover attachment hardware
    — Comes with standard, monochromatic RGB controller
    — Weight-bearing: No more than 10 lbs/ft on the shelf when anchored into a solid substrate such as concrete or wood blocking
    — Utilizes our standard 3flex RGB series edge lighting solution

  • Lead Time

    Three weeks (not including transit time)

The hardware might be on the down low, but once this Chroma product is lit with your color choice, it will get nothing but attention.



Radiant Resilience

Chroma is a thick, durable solution that holds up to horizontal applications like tables, benches, boxes, and counters. Chroma carries light and is gorgeous in 250 colors.
Discover Chroma
  • Dimensions

    96" x 12" maximum width (2439 mm x 305 mm)

  • Mounting Hardware

    Easy installation with valance to cover hardware

    Mounting Hardware
In the picture

Edge-Lit Chroma Fin Shelf

Material  |  Chroma
Color  |  RGB Lighting

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