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Edge-Lit Chroma Fin Shelf

Made with our light-loving Chroma material, this product comes with attachment hardware and balance to mount it with ease. Comes with proprietary LED illumination and a controller.

Create your Signature Edge-Lit Chroma Fin Shelf

  • What you get

    One 96" (2440 mm) long Chroma shelf with RGB lighting and a 6" (152 mm) minimum and 12" (305 mm) maximum depth

  • Material Choices


  • Design Choice

    — Shelf depth

  • Product Features

    — 1" thick (25 mm) clear Chroma (no color)
    — Clear Chroma with a Renewable Matte is colored with RGB lighting
    — Proprietary LED illumination
    — Easy attachment to the wall with a valance to cover attachment hardware
    — Comes with standard, monochromatic RGB controller
    — Weight-bearing: 56 lbs (25 kg) per 96" (2440 mm) of shelving
    Utilizes our standard 3flex RGB series edge lighting solution

  • Lead Time

    Three weeks (not including transit time)

  • Pricing

    500.04.SimpleSpec | $5210.0

The hardware might be on the down low, but once this Chroma product is lit with your color choice, it will get nothing but attention.



Radiant Resilience

Chroma is a thick, durable solution that holds up to horizontal applications like tables, benches, boxes, and counters. Chroma carries light and is gorgeous in 250 colors.
Discover Chroma
  • Dimensions

    96" x 12" maximum width (2439 mm x 305 mm)

  • Mounting Hardware

    Easy installation with valance to cover hardware

    Mounting Hardware
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Edge-Lit Chroma Fin Shelf

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Color  |  RGB Lighting

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