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Unframed Chroma

Light up space with barely there hardware, and a pre-configured, proprietary lighting solution encased in our durable Chroma material that comes in three sizes.

Create your Signature Lightbox Unframed Chroma

  • What you get

    One 48" W x 48" H x 5" D (1220 mm x 1220 mm x 125 mm), 24" W x 96" H x 5" D (610 mm x 2440 mm x 125 mm), or 36" W x 84" H x 5" D (915 mm x 2135 mm x 125 mm) unframed Chroma lightbox.

  • Material Choices


  • Design Choice

    — Feature size
    — Choose from 250 colors in our Color Portfolio

  • Product Features

    — Three sizes: A, B, and C
    — Chroma color in 1/2" gauge includes Powder diffusion layer for even lighting
    — Pre-configured, proprietary lighting solution for even illumination
    — Minimal visible hardware
    — Utilizes our standard 3fit series natural white lighting solution

  • Lead Time

    Three weeks (not including transit time)

Unframed Chroma configurations let you create beautiful combinations of color and light that can even be seen from the side.



Radiant Resilience

Chroma is a thick, durable solution that holds up to horizontal applications like tables, benches, boxes, and counters. Chroma carries light and is gorgeous in 250 colors.
Discover Chroma
  • Size A Dimensions

    48" x 48" x 5" (1220 mm x 1220 mm x 125 mm)

    Size A Dimensions
  • Size B Dimensions

    96" x 24" x 5" (2440 mm x 610 mm x 125 mm)

    Size B Dimensions
  • Size C Dimensions

    84" x 36" x 5" (2135 mm x 915 mm x 125 mm)

    Size C Dimensions
In the picture

Chroma Lightbox

Material  |  Chroma
Color  |  Atlantic B35 + Powder D03, Midnight B52 + Powder D03
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