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Straight Partition

Unique, sound absorbing, easy to install Sola Felt partition you can use to create private spaces with its unique geometry.

Create your Signature Seeyond Straight Partition

  • What you get

    One straight Seeyond partition with a minimum width and height of 50" (1270 mm) and a maximum height of 84" (2135 mm) and a maximum width of 240" (6095 mm).

  • Material Choices

    Sola Felt

  • Design Choice

    — Height and width
    — Pattern
    — Sola Felt color

  • Product Features

    — NRC rating of 1.10 (Alpha W 1.00).
    — Made of 1/4" (6 mm) PET felt
    — Carries a Class A fire rating (US only)
    — Easy to install
    — Depth of feature at the floor is always 9" (230 mm)

  • Lead Time

    Two weeks (not including transit time)

Color this product's close fitting polygon shapes with 14 colors. Made with Sola Felt, a Class A fire rated felt made from 50% recycled PET.

Shift Angles
with 5 Pattern Options

A group of closely fitting polygon shapes makes up the five pattern options available with Seeyond.

  • Billow

  • Court

  • Cusp

  • Kink

  • Tilt


Choose Color
Create Comfort

Made using our PET technology and 50% post-consumer recycled material, Sola Felt is available in 14 colors.

Sola Felt

Design Tools

Design a Space

Soften Sound

Our design tools help you explore the possibilities of Seeyond. Adjust pattern and color to imagine a solution in your project space. 

Seeyond Design Tool
  • Labelled Tiles

    Reference their assembly location

    Labelled Tiles
  • Baseplate

    Anchors partition to floor

  • Tiles Stack in Clusters

    Attach to baseplate with magnets

    Tiles Stack in Clusters
  • Magnetic Assembly

    Magnets guide and attach tiles

    Magnetic Assembly
In the picture

Seeyond Partition

Material  |  Sola Felt
Color  |  Admiral
Pattern  |  Tilt
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Soft Geometry Control Sound with Seeyond

These modular products are made of acoustic Sola Felt, so you can create comfortable spaces with soft acoustics.

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