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Sliding Door
Frameless and Wall-Mounted

Break out of the frame with this door made from a single Varia panel you customize. Mounts to the wall with exposed rollers, and comes with handles for extra material rigidity.

Create your Signature Sliding Door Frameless and Wall-Mounted

  • What you get

    One Varia panel for an opening measuring between 20" W × 77.5" H (510 mm × 1970 mm) minimum and 44" W × 95.5" H (1118 mm × 2425 mm) maximum making up a single wall-mounted sliding door

  • Material Choices


  • Design Choice

    — Doorway opening size
    — Varia color and interlayer

  • Product Features

    — Slide01 hardware system with floor guide, wall-mounted with exposed rollers
    — Stiffener handles provide rigidity to material

  • Lead Time

    Three-weeks (not including transit time)

A single Varia panel is waiting for you to get creative with our 250 color palette, and hundreds of patterns to choose from.



Dynamic Translucency

Our translucent Varia can be left clear, colored with a range of timeless options, or add patterns to make a unique statement.
Discover Varia
  • Wall Mount

    Features exposed rollers

    Wall Mount
  • Floor Guide Mounting

    Slide01 hardware system

    Floor Guide Mounting
  • Handle Stiffener

    Provides rigidity to material

    Handle Stiffener
  • Configuration

    Single, wall mount

Sliding Door
In the picture

Sliding Door Wall-Mounted

Material  |  Varia
Interlayer  |  Bamboo Rings Natural

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