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3form Stand is the ideal solution for horizontal applications of 3form materials, especially Chroma. This hardware system beautifully supports material to create desks, conference room tables, coffee tables, work tables, or dining tables.

Elevate Materials for smart horizontal surfaces.


Configuration Styles
Select from the various standard configurations including desks, conference tables, and basic 4-leg designs. Each configuration has flexibility in size depending on the material used for the table top.


Connection Elements
Solid connectors join together the simple, clean tubes to form many different table and desk configurations.


Common Dimensions
For your convenience in selecting the configuration and size of your Stand table base, below are some common dimensions. For a standard chair that you would find in an office, kitchen, etc., the general clearance between the floor and underside of the table is 27"–29". With Stand this will put your tabletop approximately 30" off the floor. Stand comes with an optional leveler foot that adds adjustability to the height of the table and accounts for unavoidable variance in the floor.


Capacity Standards
When choosing your table size it is helpful to consider the purpose of the table and how many people will be able to use it at once. See below for capacity standards at different sizes.


Floor Pads
For table models with an open tube on the bottom, the tube will have an end cap or foot in place when the table is shipped. There are options available for the foot. Specify which type of foot you would prefer when placing your order.


One option for the bottom of the table leg is a metal insert with an M10 internal thread, which comes with a stainless steel adjustable foot. If you prefer to use a different foot, caster, or other type of roller from a different vendor you can specify this at the time you order the table, and you will get the internally threaded insert with no adjustable foot.


Plastic Insert
The other option for the foot is a non-adjustable plastic insert that will also be installed before the table is shipped. If you use a non-adjustable foot you may need to shim it once it is installed, as no floor is perfectly level.


Tabletop Pads
The table top can either rest on the table base or be adhered to it. In most instances it is recommended that the tabletop simply rest on the base. Most 3form material will be heavy enough that the weight of the tabletop alone, coupled with self-adhesive plastic buttons, will be enough to keep the tabletop from moving. However, if you use a lighter 3form material you should adhere the table top to the base through the use of VHB Tape.

Powder Coating

[a] Jet Black
[b] Carbide
[c] Satin Anodized | standard for non-powder coated hardware
[d] Signal White

Introduce the versatility of color to most 3form hardware systems. Customizing entire solutions is now easier than ever with nearly-infinite material possibilities and the option for hardware to match. Select colors that are self-effacing and blend into surroundings or make a bold statement with a solution’s supporting hardware.

Powder Coating for 3form hardware systems is available in 3 standard available colors: Jet Black, Carbide, and Signal White in a gloss finish. These standard colors will only add 3 weeks to a standard lead time (check with your 3form Sales Rep or Sales Coordinator for pricing). Non-standard color requests must be derived from the RAL Classic Color Deck and will have a gloss finish. These will carry a longer lead time and higher setup fee. Custom colors or matching are not currently available.