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Artisan Collection | Tulsi

Age Old Techniques
Modern Design


Introducing Tulsi, our Nepalese artisan design that features a winding, textured material, made entirely from Lokta paper that is hand-piped in a unique interwoven, spiral-like fashion.

We love this rigorous design process that results in something special and unachievable anywhere else in the world. This product puts a spotlight on different parts of the world and longstanding artistic skill sets that have developed over centuries.

Christian Darby, VP of Design

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Versatile Material
Sophisticated Colors

There are four color ways to choose from to help meet your design needs. See the true depth and dimension of the Lokta paper with Pure. Blend with Amber, Pistachio, or Obsidian, from the 2022 Color Collection, to further customize Tulsi to fit any design space.