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Space Shaping Design Solution

Customizable, demountable, and reconfigurable. This design system, based on the forms found in the letters I L T U and O, creates beautiful and highly functional work environments.

ILTUOSpace Shaping Design Solution



Dynamic Translucency

Our translucent Varia resin outer layers can be left clear, or colored with 250 hues for limitless luminosity. Customize the panel's interlayer with a pattern or color to create your own unique statement.
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ILTUO is a highly flexible partition system that can create collaborative zones or private work spaces. Choose from a variety of material options and accessories to enhance your design.


Define Your Space

With I, L, T, U, and O


Create Acoustic Privacy

With Hush Bars

Reduce noise with sound dampening, tackable Hush Bars. Made from recycled Sola Felt, they boast an NRC rating of 0.80. These acoustic bars absorb sound creating a more comfortable environment.

Create an inspiring area for ideas with magnetic Glass Markerboards. ILTUO Markerboards can be mounted to the inside or outside of any ILTUO configuration. With six colors to choose from, you can now add an element of design to your Glass Markerboards.


Take Note

With Glass Markerboards


Illuminate Your Ideas

With ILTUO Panel Lighting

Achieve a sophisticated look by adding ILTUO lighting. Dimmable lighting modules softy illuminate panels, highlighting your interlayers and creating a comfortable work environment.